• Our Christmas Offer

    Our Christmas Offer
    So, why not let us take some of the strain and supply your Christmas food sourced from a host of local suppliers and prepared in Rock by our fantastic team.
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    Lunch and DJ set with Nathan Ball

    Sunday 6th August 

    Lunch will begin at 2pm, there is only one sitting so you have all afternoon to eat, drink and listen to the music.

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  • About Time

    About Time
    The weeks sweep by at such a pace. One weekends event just about done and the next is there. It can feel like a massive race against time in the midst of wedding season.  I am acutely aware how the days, weeks, months slide away. Last night, I was at a party and found myself opposite an old friend sitting next to his eldest daughter with his first and very new grandchild.  The first time I met the daughter she was the same size as her baby but it seems no time ago. Slightly shocking, humbling, a stark realisation of how old I am! Easy to forget as I bumble through life.
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