Wedding & Party Catering

Organising a great party is all about detail. The caterers will often be the first people on site on the day and the last ones to leave taking care of many issues far beyond the kitchen. For us no job is too big or too small, from a dinner party for 10 to a wedding of 250.

Many of our clients are a long way from Cornwall with little local knowledge. We feel it is critical to work far beyond the role of caterer and support clients to piece together the whole event (and be a calm encouraging voice at the end of the phone!) There are no dress rehearsals.

Pretty much everything is cooked from scratch, we buy in bread but make some too, chutneys, oatcakes, all canapé bases are made in the kitchen here in Rock, pastes, pestos, tarts all handmade. Much is locally sourced - see the suppliers list!

Fee grows her own edible flowers, decorative flowers, banana leaves, bay, rosemary, vine leaves, blackberries whatever is in the garden or the local hedgerows/woodlands will be used.

The Cornish Blue and white striped aprons worn by our team have become a symbol of that meticulous relaxed organisation.

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